What Breathing Can Teach You About Manifestation [30 sec read]

A great friend of mine brought to my awareness at one time, something which we do everyday but don’t stop to realize meaning in. Breathing!


He said, “Have you ever noticed that when you inhale air but hold it, you cannot breathe more air in before you let it go?”

I of course tried it to experience the truth in that and said , “Yeah! Iagree.”

My friend is a wise head. He often glances at the world as an open book with hidden hits on the nature of God and life. His name is Patrick.

I had read for many years the importance of letting go of expectations after prayer but I’d never really looked at breathing that way.

So you have to give out air to receive air, then give out air again. If you break that cycle that’s when you suffocate.

So when you recive, you should give and after you give be open to effortlessly recieve.


Originally posted 2019-07-14 09:25:08.

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