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The Most Effective Prayer of All Time

Since time immemorial man-kind has done all sorts of gymnastics and calasthenics in the world of prayer. Of course for various reasons, sometimes to give gratitude, to worship but most of all to ask God to help them get what they wanted.

To manipulate this little planet. Perhaps dressing in awkward robes or dancing around naked around fire at 3am for private rituals to manifest. There is a better ritual still…

We have always known one sure fire way to manipulate this planet, which happens to be the most powerful form of prayer. ACTION!

Action is by far the most effective format of prayer, because action even when there is a little doubt requires a bit more faith than just shouting to the sky day in and out.

In this article we will apply a broader meaning to ACTION for the sake of when one is praying for things that need to be manifested in the mental or spiritual realm of course. I mean if you are praying to find more clues in business, going out in the world and being mentally observant to find the clues is deliberate and thus for the sake of this article it counts as action.

Outwardly action would be someone who prays to be fit actually going out to do the things that produce fitness, starting from small gradual steps to the bigger ones that actually get it done.

Yes I know! I have been there and continue to get there too.

With some goals what needs to be done does not seem to match capacity present, however you cannot grow your capacity by doing affirmations and crying to the sky. Show your faith by taking the smallest step to the goal even if it’s only 0.0001 percent of the entire walk.

It’s cliche but if you are not taking action you need to hear it again and again.

You will be shocked how it can grow exponentially and more is  revealed  once you sow that seed.  We all know that a seed does not start growing any roots until it is planted. Prior to being planted a seed can remain the same size all month  but once you sow it in the soil… something starts happening in the soil, features start to come out, some to create roots which you do not see and some to create the outward plant.

Just compare an orange tree seed to an actual orange seed and isn’t it astonishing that the only thing that had to be done intentionally or accidentally for that tree to exist was to plant the seed itself?

Of course as you start to make follow ups (watering the plant) those roots go deeper and so does the plant, it grows leaves and shes them. It grows flowers, they are fine to have but the final product is really the fruit and guess what?

The fruit contains more seed.

So what’s the one action you can take today because action is the best prayer you can ever make.

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