Read My New Book! Chapter Zero :Create Your Creative Genius

My debut non-fiction book on creativity is now available on Amazon Book Store. It is a concise effort which wastes no time and gets to the meat to discuss the essentials of becoming a creative individual.

The book is called Chapter Zero : Create Your Creative genius because there is son much to be learned and taught about the subject and chapter Zero only lays down the foundations to gbe discovered by practice.

The book strongly insists on the premise that one cannot understand something by only reading it if there is never application of it. Chapter Zero is not just for artists but it’s for every field where creativity is a must. Which is pretty much every field, be it Science and Technology, Health, Finance and Business.

What is shared in this book are the principles of creative thought in a capsule. It covers many aspects such as hacking motivation, the diet of a creative and how one can hack their psyche to become exceptional and brilliant at coming up with ideas.

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