MyNeim – Siyana Navo (Prod. Rayo) (Lyrics )

Ndakatanga ndichi-planner what I wan’t in life,
Ndakatanga ndichirambwa vachiti I’m not your type,
I see you tryna trap me but you never be my wife,
Tryna make me guilty with a “Wakuvhaira Mike”

Ndakujaira life,
Where I do it on my own,
I needed all your prayers but you let me walk alone,
You can’t talk to me,
like I’m small check your tone,
Check your phone in a minute,
I’m sending you a memo,
My moves are elevated you was thinkin’ of the same ol’,
I’m never catching cases like the popos on my payroll,
Lay-low when I’m coming or be blinded by my Halo,
“Hello, is this the King…” shh… shut up – Yes it is,
This the University ,
of knockin out adversities,
I guess it is the Exodus,
Cashin all the checks with this,
Condolenses from me to all my doubters rest in peace,
I’m poisoning the lipstick
In the purse of evey girl you kiss

I’m Conan, I’m Hercules,
On Popeye sailor recipe,
Blogger, animator, killer, rapper
I am back at this,
Like I was losing once,
You were closer to the winners,
And now you see me winning,
I’mma keep the gap between us

Kana wakubudirira,
Uchawona vakawanda vakubudikira,
Wakumhoroswa nevaye vaimbopfuriririra,
Avo siya coz nguva haimbokumirira

[Verse 2]
Siyana navo, siyana navo, If you go against my word,
then you ending in up trouble,
Your relation-ships hana baggage ane Cargo,
So watch my Car go,
You know the man is driven,
You show the kids the TV sayin’ takakura naye,
You claimin to be part of things than none of you inspired,
When I was distributing all my Demos,
You were quiet,
But now you wanna eat with me,
I put you on a diet

Unoda beefu… nah idya vege,
You couldn’t reach my level ugodzoka when you ready,
The way I make you angry must be criminal and deadly,
You should have made decisions with a vision when you had me,

But your option,
Was a dead beat,
Like this instrumental,
Is a dead beat,
When I kill it,
And they feel it, it’s a healing,
Yall can hate me if you willin
But I still win

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