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If you are gifted and under-appreciated here’s where it stops!

If you have been on social media for a while, you’ve definitely seen many people who are posted as under-rated. Indeed you click on that post and realize that many people agree how under-rated that individual is and how he/she is better than another person who has made a fortune off doing less.

While we are at that , and this is a question I always used to ask my brother Rayo whenever he said, “<insert name> is under-rated!”

“Under-rated by who?”

If you can give an honest answer to that one you can probably click back. You have the answers.

No one is mandated to appreciate you except you?

Others may choose to appreciate you but it’s optional.  Treat yourself how you would if they all appreciated you. Think about it.

If you are the only one who knows yourself and all your plans but are afraid to invest in yourself, why should other entitities feel the pressure to give anything at all.

So yes all they can do is reflect back the little appreciation you’ve shown in terms of action on yourself and use that to say, “He’s under-rated.”

They can’t really point whose under-rating you, except to put a generic term like “by the system”. They never say, “We under-rate him/her” They say, “He’s under-rated.”

She is under-rated.

But that’s just a reflection of how you feel about it echoing back.

The principle of correspondence in effect.

As above, so below; as below, so above

“On earth, as it is in heaven”

You then make it worse by doing it to others!

Isn’t it amazing how we selfishly only see how bad something is when it’s happening to us, yet we may unconsciously do it to others without batting an eyelid.

What I mean is…

For everyone who posts a quote about “I need to cut some negative people out of my life!”, research and you find out there are also other people somewhere else who need to write the same statement about them. They got the negativity that they give and now they think it’s unique to them.

So if let’s say a guy who is in soccer enjoys going on social media to bash Zim Dancehall artistes and how their music  is not at international status but he gets upset when he over-hears people talking about what he loves (soccer) and saying… “They are not international.”

Does he see where that’s coming from. Or he see’s it as , “We are not supported.” because it’s now got to do with him.

In other words what kind of energy are you giving toward what other people love? Is it the same energy and attention you want around what you love?

If you have love in your heart you have nothing to give but love! You also have nothing to receive but love.

If you have criticism.. do the math.

I am not perfect too, I struggle with this and let’s be grateful that we are exploring this together. The great book said


Matthew 7 : 1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

From a glance we’ve always liked to look at this as … well, “He was talking about sin”

To me, what this book says can expand into many dimensions.

So if you look at something that someone created with love, whether they are a celebrity or whatever it is they do. It does not have to be art. It could be any job and you  undermine that effort and show lack of appreciation…”and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
It will be measured to you in something you love equally.
Are we introspecting to see where the under-appreciation comes from.

Here are tasks for all of us.

Yes even I the writer am not exempt. I carry the message but I want to live it as well. It would be a tragedy if I didn’t.

1.  You see anything you like or love, don’t scroll past it online and then complain that, “How come no one likes conscious posts but they spread sex-tapes.” (I’m hinting that you share the post)

In fact you see anything positive that you wish society should be focusing on more, amplify it. Going around saying it’s under-rated is thinking others have an obligation to propagate what you love. Put that resposnibility in your own hands.

2. Little to no focus on what you don’t want amplified. You of course have a right to comment that you don’t like stuff, but you don’t have to if it’s un-solicited.

I always see people post things like, “Guys how do you tell your friend who sings that they can’t sing.”

In other words, “How do I stop my friend from trying what they love”

I say, “You don’t” if it’s not solicited.

Allow them to do it, succeed or fail and choose their path. Do not decide which risks they can or cannot take.

If you think they are better at dancing, compliment them for that in case they may start focusing on that. That’s different from saying, “I don’t think you should sing. Just dance!”

Appreciating their dancing frequently enough , will guide them sooner or later unless they improve in singing over time because you did not discourage them.
3. Don’t under-rate yourself, don’t under-rate others either.

4. Don’t debate with anyone about your worth or give anyone who under-rates you the energy of attention. Do not even bad mouth them to thers, because that’s just the same as if you had argued with them. Just reply bad reviews with thank you and not give them second glance or simply ignore.

Acknowledge Those Who Appreciate
No matter how “uncool” or few they are, don’t be dying to hear from “influencers”/”celebrities” what you already get from other people who may not have clout. The vital few grow from acknowledging those few people who see the best in you, whilst you ignore their efforts, compliments and applause to beg for it from those who blue-tick you and allow your message to ferment for a day… before they reply with an unrelated text.
Most of all have fun!


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