Here Is What Is Blocking Your Money Spiritually

Growing up in the information age has been fantastic because it opened us up to a lot of information we would not have otherwise known. Information that was otherwise reserved for secret orders and societies.

Of course this has also come as a double edged sword in terms of the destruction it can cause. We are not here to talk about those disadvantages however. I am here to share the things I’ve learnt and applied to free my ability to make money.

Now I don’t need to lecture anyone on why money is important. Let’s get right into into the things that block you from making money spiritually.

1.You don’t feel secure

Insecurity is associate with blockage in the first Chakra. If you are new to Chakra’s you can get a good description of what they are here.

Whenever you feel insecure or “ungrounded” in your environment you affect your money flow. The irony is the lack of cashflow will make you even more unstable and insecure, so the cycle reinforces itself.

Meditate on safety to clear those blocks. You can even use self hypnosis audios or guided meditations from Youtube to do this. It may take a while before all your blocks are out but it’s worth it.

Affirmations are not as immediately effective as the above in my experience.

Again it’s also important to take other practical steps that make you feel safe, such as changing environments or doing innerwork to find out if there are any undealt with childhood traumas, such as bullying that happened to you in the past.

If anybring them up in your meditations, prayers or affirmations to heal them.

2. You don’t pay debts

This one goes back to the first one.

Well because you are insecure about cash you are clingy to it to a level where you don’t immediately pay debts even when you can.  You are afraid that you may not make more in the near future and something else may come up but that’s the very thing pooping on your efforts to clearing your money blocks.

I used to delay my rental payments before I understood this concept but as soon as I started paying what I owed on time there was a  very big shift in my earning capacity. My financial thermostat (this blog explains what that is) became bigger.

So whilst you may e worried that as soon as you get income, subtracting some of the money to pay whom you owe will take a lot out of your pocket, bear in mind that the first step to financial freedom is reducing debt.

3. Stay away from negative vibes, even if they have nothing to do with money

Stay away from watching news, it has no intentions of boosting your mood permanently. Keep out of all all groups where toxicity is high and do not participate in talking ill about other people.

Mind your business at best. Monitor whenever you are judgmental to others and self correct.

It can take time to correct old habits but as you get better at avoiding negative vibes, negative vibes will avoid you.

When you are now at that positive vibration money opportunities will find you and it will be your choice to take inspired action.

4. Practice Gratitude

The practice of gratitude counteracts scarcity at a subconscious level. It does not matter what you are being grateful, what matters is the gratitude itself.

Practice gratefulness through out the day and soon more things to be grateful for will appear. I usually take time to walk and talk to myself about the things I am grateful for.

Make sure to also include things you do not have yet but are praying for here.

5. Don’t be needy

Once you have prayed or mediated over something. Whatever your processes maybe it’s important not to be attached to the outcomes all day.

Think of it as planting a seed in the ground. Yes from time to time you return to water the soil, but you wont surely stare at soil all day hoping the maize with crop up under your watch .

You just go throughout life and enjoy other things.

I like to draw in my spare time because it keeps my mind focused on positive vibes whilst also not bringing up the things I want to manifest.

The Challenge

I challenge you to try these 5 things before moving to others. It’s very easy to move from blogpost to blogpost but never applying anything any of the blogs say.

You do not get results from reading this. You only get results from practicing it in your life and modifying it for yourself based on your results.

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