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A Sunday Ritual That Allows Me to Cope With Weekly Struggles

Everyone seeks growth. It’s an inherent urge that we are cursed with from birth. That’s why you are reading this blog post, because every day of your life you try to absorb as much knowledge as possible on how to better your experience on this beautiful planet.

Even a pot plant in a dark box with a pin hole allowing light grows in the direction of light. Amazing isn’t it.

In my personal journey as I have looked for different growth and coping mechanisms I have come across different types of advice. Some  of which at the time I ignored as being too simple.

Little did I realize that in simplicity lies greatness.

I developed a little morning ritual which I should ideally do every Sunday. I admittedly skip some Sundays but that’s okay as long as I get back on track when I realize my mistake.

The Power Walk of Gratitude

There is always so much to complain about in my life. I do not yet have everything I want the way that I idealize it. Reading the news and what the government is doing or not doing even makes it worse for me sometimes and triggers anxiety.

It’s important therefore for me to recalibrate and focus on whatever positives are around me, within me or just in my life.

So on Sunday mornings I wake up and take a long walk where I tank God for anything that comes to mind I can thank him for, from the small things, the big things and even for the obstacles.

“Thank you God for putting obstacle X in my way for I know you have great lessons to teach me through it.” For example.

I do this for the whole distance and loudly enough to hear myself say it.

As I do it I feel more and more liberated and we must not ignore that there are feel good brain hormones that come with just taking a walk.

On my way back, I look at my flaws and I begin to forgive myself for them. I do this for half the distance back.

“I forgive myself for procrastination”

“I forgive myself for feeling guilty for XYZ.”

“I forgive myself for lying to the people I love.”

“I forgive myself for letting XYZ’s insults to me affect me”

After I have gone half the distance back I resume my gratefulness routine and return home.

The Importance of This

Both processes allow me to clear clutter in my brain and remove limiting beliefs. It is more inner work of my self-image and self concept.

I have to always keep them in shape because all my future and present decisions are largely going to be determined by how I view myself internally.

Self care is a must!

If you want to share your personal process with me follow me @Mcpotar on twitter and let’s enjoy the discussion.

Originally posted 2019-06-23 13:55:44.

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